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Android Amarok2 Remote

main view, portrait mode; Hauptansicht, hochkant
main view, landscape mode; Hauptansicht, quer
Letzte Aktualisierung ( Sunday, 18. April 2010 )
Fernsteuerung für Amarok2
English version: see below

Letzte Aktualisierung ( Sunday, 18. April 2010 )
Remote control app for Amarok2
Amarok2 Remote is a remote controlling software for Amarok 2. It runs on your Android based phone.


2010-07-28: NEW FEATURES!
- Browse and search your collection
- Clear playlist
- Volume control with hardware keys
- Various bugfixes

2010-05-11: Support for playlists! New plugin for Amarok2! Python server is gone.


You can download the application directly in Google Market. Use the search in Google Market (search for "amarok"!) or this direct link on your phone:
Amarok2 Remote in Google Market

Now you need the plugin for Amarok. You can find the latest version here:

There you can find:
  • Plugin for Amarok
  • .apk file for Android (only for manual installation needed)
  • All source files (licensed under GPL)


Use the Script Manager in Amarok to install the downloaded plugin.

The server runs on port 8484 by default. If you want to change this, edit the source. In a few days there will be a GUI available!

Android app
  • Open up the app
  • Press the menu key to open the settings menu
  • Tap on "Remote server"
  • Enter the name or IP adress and the port from the computer running the amarok plugin.

Settings: Server


Apart from the self-explaining features like play, pause, forward, backward and such, a long-tap on the buttons gives you additional features:

Long-tap on...
  • Pause: stop playback
  • Volume down: mute / unmute
You can move the slider to seek in the playing track.

Press the menu button on your phone and tap on Playlist to view the playlist from Amarok. Tap on an item to play this track.
Browse and search your collection in the menu or press the search key.
Press the volume control keys anywhere to change volume.

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Letzte Aktualisierung ( Wednesday, 28. July 2010 )